Happy Cows = Healthy Cows!

This morning had a pretty neat start to the day. As a result of the Memphis Flyer article a couple of weeks ago about our natural beef, one of our local area news stations, Channel 3, contacted me late last week to see if I would appear this morning on their Live at 9 show to talk more about our philosophy on raising "happy, healthy cows"!

It was a fun morning, very relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls got a kick out of seeing their mom on TV and I got to spend a few minutes talking about the reasons why we think our grass-fed beef is the way to go.

If you want to watch for yourself - just click on the link below and select the June 2nd video - about 34 or so minutes in - right after the band finishes up.

"Do Happy Cows Make For Healthier Cows?"